Financial advisors and investors use the Cushing® indices to evaluate performance and growth characteristics of potential energy income investments.  We employ rigorous research and analysis to design and construct the Cushing® indices. Relying on proprietary fundamental methodologies, industry knowledge, insight and experience, we establish methodologies to provide reliable and accurate benchmarks for investors in MLPs and the royalty trust and upstream income sectors.

INDEX CHARACTERISTICSCushing 30 MLP IndexCushing MLP Maket Cap IndexCushing MLP High Income IndexCushing Upstream Energy Income Index
Short DescriptionAn equally weighted index with representatives from most subsectors systematically rankedA float adjusted market capitalization index capped at 7.5%An income ranked index tiered within market capitalization rangesA float adjusted market capitalization index capped at 7.5% of royalty trusts and upstream MLPs
Number of Constituents30303025
Constituent WeightingEqual WeightingMarket CapitalizationEqual Weighting within TiersMarket Capitalization
Rebalance FrequencyQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Market Capitalization Minimum$500 Million$500 Million$500 MillionNone
Liquidity Minimum500,000 units / month500,000 units / month500,000 units / monthWithin 90% of the potential constituent universe
Public Float Minimum20%20%20%20%